I started out never wanting  to be a DJ.  My words were sure to come back fast like a back spin when I found himself backing up My long time mentor-- the legendary International Tour/Party DJ, DJ Nabs.My professional journey began when my father, (H. Regal Phillips), instrumentally introduced me to the storied Atlanta DJ. Fate would have it that  DJ Nabs played saxophone in the Army's National Guard Band with my father who was  a trumpet player at the time. It was truly a blessing as I look back on it. 

A blast from the past where it all began for me as a DJ. Carrying 12 crates 6 nights a week.

Rewind back a little further,  i remembergrowing up in a household where on any given weekend  my parents played everything from Funk(Parliament),Jazz(Herb Albert/Donald Byrd) to Classical/New Age Music(Andreas Vollenweider). This musical Amalgamation provided a unique musical road map that uncovered my love and appreciation for most music genres.  

With Nabs at the helm of  his own radio show  on Hot 97.5(now 107.9) my father was confident that Nabs could help steer me in the right direction. my first meeting would take place at  the infamous Bistro Lounge turned night club, Club Kaya. This is where i cut his teeth on learning first hand the business end and relationship side of the industry.  By carry 16 record crates , 6 times a week to 6 different clubs and music events allowed me to view in action  how  a professional DJ conducts, plays and performs. Old School Sunday's at  Club Kaya  provided a fresh weekly outlet of Hip Hop to Atliens that was unprecedented. With an array of performing acts from the likes of RUN DMC, Rakim,  Sugar Hill Gang,  Grand Master Flash, Kurtis Blow-- to the newer M.C.'s like Method Man & Redman, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Memphis Bleek, Wyclef and Jay Z, produced a rare opportunity  to network weekly with the who's who of  the music industry as well as viewing how a seasoned DJ rocked. "It was like I was an understudy for Nabs without realizing it."


Although DJ'ing had its own appeal, i set my sites on doing something more, but in a creative capacity. Through a radio relationship from his previous 91.1 Georgia Tech College radio show and a professional recommendation from then promotional director(Phillana Williams), I landed an internship with then boutique record label LaFace Records. This is where I discovered my passion for the creative starting point of music--the A&R process. Within a few months of  my internship, i was quickly promoted to the position of A&R coordinator. With the responsibility of listening to demos, submitting tracks for the current  artist roster and managing studio budgets, i also help coordinated projects for The Youngbloodz and Outkast. Having an knack for uncovering potential talent, i positioned myself  a standout  at the label. This garnered respect from department heads and LA Reid himself which resulted in working closely on several label projects and  a remix placement for R&B swooner Donell Jones. His 3 year tenure and dream of heading an act at the label would prove to be short-lived unfortunately, due to a company buy out by then Aritsta Records. 

Taken aback by theses turn of events,  I made the decision to utilize what  i'd learned and refocussed my efforts on finding new  talent. Out of this situation my company 404(K) Entertainment was born.  Through consistency and hard work, success came when i discovered my first artist Kantrell. With a buzzing mix tape on the streets matched with big name producers, not to mention a single from Frank Nitti "It's Going Down" by Yung Joc fame,  i carved a name for myself amongst his respected peers by developing, marketing and promoting i own artist through his own company.


Completing this hurdle of establishing a reputable music company was not coming easy .  So to differentiate my brand,  i fell back on my roots of where i began- DJ'ing. I can really thank Nabs for encouraging me to do it. It helped me see the music better creatively.  And its been on ever since. Cranking out several mix tapes monthly,  producing remixes for current artist,  and DJ'ing celebrity events(L.A. Reid's Honorary Ascap Dinner, Rashan Ali's Birthday party. etc.) ad local parties, istays busing as a DJ/producer and an A&R consultant. i am determined to establish 404(K) Entertainment  as  a fixture in the world of music.